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(All fitness levels) A low-impact, interval style class. It is a cardio workout.

Balance and Strength

Incorporates functional exercises to improve activities of daily living.

Barre Cardio

all fitness levels. Barre is used for movements that combine ballet postures and poses. Cardiovascular and core exercises included.

Basic Power Step

(All fitness levels) A basic step class designed to be easy to follow that provides a high intensity option. Thursdays class is 30 minutes only.


A choreographed Barbell workout consisting of various exercises to strengthen the body. Expect high repetition of movements, adjustable weights and active recovery periods.

Cardio Step

(Intermediate/Advanced level) This workout consists of intervals of step, hi/low impact aerobics and muscle conditioning. Abdominals follow.


A cardio class with easy to follow moves to get your heart pumping and burn calories. Great for all fitness levels.


(All fitness levels) A 30-minute core and cardio drill exercises to strengthen the heart and boost the metaboloism, while hitting the midsection. Weight will be used.

Core Express

15 Minutes of Core Work

Core Strength

A 30 minute workout focusing on strengthening the muscles of the torso, also called the core. Many of these exercises will be done on the ball.


Designed after a popular program to enhance performance by focusing on specific exercises measured weekly: core, power, speed, endurance & coordination.

Iron Body

A 55 minute workout using dumbbells and focusing on functional fitness movements. You will be doing compound movements that are similar to movement done in everyday life like lifting a heavy bag of groceries. For the intermediate level participant.


(All fitness levels) . An intensive cardio class using Wave Master bags for combative stirkes such as punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Learn how to strike for power, speed, and accuracy and get a great cardio workout.


(Advance level) 30 minutes of high intensity movements to push you to your max. Modifications for all exercises are shown.

Muscle Conditioning

While using a variety of equipment, muscles of both the upper and lower body will be conditioned. This class is an hour in length and will shape and define your muscles. It will not make your muscles “bulky” but it will make them look better and more toned. This class is appropriate for people at all levels of fitness.

Muscle Moves

A Cardio and muscle conditioning class. Intervals of low impact, high intensity aerobics and intervals of muscle conditioning.


(All fitness levels) Class size limited to 18 participants. A full-body cardio workout inspired by drumming. Using Ripstix, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, burn calories and tone while rocking out to your favorite music.

Simply Moves

A basic level exercise class that emphasizes fun and movement. Simple moves, lowimpact, easy walking patterns, step aerobic combinations and weight routines are used to music. The workout changes each week. The intensity level is lower than our traditional exercise classes. All participants are encouraged to workout at their own pace.

Simply Muscle

(All fitness levels) A tabata style interval exercise class that focuses on muscle conditioning with some cardio work.

SlowFlowRelax Yoga

(All fitness levels) Begins with slower postures to loosen the body, then deep, restorative poses which target the connective tissue and ligaments. WE sit in poses passively for longer holds. Perfect for creating a meditative space.

Spin - Cycle Zone

Cool upbeat music to get your heart pumping and legs moving.

Spin and Sculpt

A 45-minute Interval Spinning class. Short segments of upper body exercises done while seated on the bike. Dumbbells used to condition arms and back muscles between riding portions.

Spin Club

45 Minute cycling workout with different themes each week. Club style music and volume.


45-minute cycling workout involves the instructor taking you on a bike ride consisting of hills and flat terrain. Sign up at the Service Desk required.


After a warm up, you do 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of recovery. It is a drill-based class.


Tabata style class all cardio, no weights.


(All fitness levels) A great workout for everyBody. Whether youre looking to kickstart your fitness routine or wanting to add intensity to your existing one, enjoy this interval class providing you with cardio, weights and core work.

Track and Drills

75 minutes of intense drills on and off the track including running, sprinting, obstacle courses, medicine ball skills, etc. Class may go outdoors in nice weather. High calorie burning workout! Great class for those looking to take their workout to the next level.


(Intermediate/advance level) A 30-minute bodyweight, strength training workout solely using the TRX straps.

Virtual Cardio

Get ready for five cardio and core circuits that are sure to leave you dripping with sweat.

Virtual Core

A virtual class of 10 - 13 Minutes of Core work in Studio B.

Virtual Cycle

An incredible cycling workout with tabata-style intervals and sustained efforts. Live video.


Learn gentle positions known as Asans to stretch and strengthen one's body; breathing techniques called Pranayamas to quiet and balance one's mind; and mindfulness practice to center and observe oneself. Prior experience would be helpful but not necessary. People with physical limitations should speak with the instructor.

Yoga Basics

A basic yoga class for new participants. The instructor is sensitive to making the new participant feel comfortable and to understand and enjoy the class.


Mostly a Yoga class with principles of Pilates incorporated. An intermediate level class. Prior experience would be helpful but not necessary. People with physical limitations should speak with the instructor.


Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba® utilizes the principals of fitness interval training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.

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