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We wish everyone good health and best of spirits during this time. We look forward to welcoming you back when we are able to reopen. Check LifeWorks Facebook Page for FB LIVE virtual classes. We are offering Virtual Training, Personal Training and Food Coaching, contact us below for details.

LifeWorks is communicating with members via email. We'll have posts to Facebook as well. If you need to be added, contact us at click here or call 440-816-4210.

All Member accounts are Frozen.
Once we reopen, March dues will be adjusted.


LifeWorks 101 provides complimentary appointments to get you set up on your wellness journey, whether fitness machines, group classes or pool use. Our fitness specialists are made up of a team of degreed and nationally certified fitness professionals. They are scheduled on the fitness floor to help our members. They will provide you routines for the pool, health and fitness assessments, group class recommendations, Functional Movement Assessment, or any exercise routine assistance. To schedule an appointment, please click here or call our Fitness Coordinator at 440-816-4207.

Balanced Habits Nutrition ProgramStacy and Jamie

LIfeWorks offers a 28-day program that is personalized nutritional program using real food for real lifestyles. This program provides nutritional support, exercise recommendations, and the accountability to keep you on track. By reactivating the metabolism, many of the clients lose 12-24 pounds/5-15% of their body weight during the program.
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for details. Next Session begins May 2020.

LifeWorks Personal Training

LifeWorks also offers personal training options with certified and degreed trainers. We offer One on One training, Team Training and Small Group.

For our Team and Small Group Training we utilize a researched based training system with a focus on full body training. The system is for all ages and just about all fitness levels. Training the entire body as a whole is superior to breaking down the body into separate parts so participants benefit from a more effective workout.  Click here for Personal Training

Fitness Coaching

More About Our System

Our system requires all clients to receive a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) prior to training.  This screening is to assess quality of movement.  Based on quality of movement, the client will be placed into the appropriate level of training for his/her individual needs and goals. The only way to truly build good fitness is to have a solid foundation.

Personal Training at LifeWorks includes three (3) training methods: One-on-One Sessions, Small Group Training or Team Training. All sessions provide quality workouts for each level of training. It's about getting stronger in a safe effective way that will enhance our lives.

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Contact our Fitness Coordinator to schedule an appointment or to answer any questions.


LifeWorks Fitness Specialists