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LifeWorks 101: Your Work Plan

LifeWorks 101 provides complimentary appointments to get you set up on your wellness journey, whether fitness machines, group classes or pool use. Our fitness specialists are made up of a team of degreed and nationally certified fitness professionals. They are scheduled on the fitness floor to help our members. They will provide you routines for the pool, health and fitness assessments, group class recommendations, Functional Movement Assessment, or any exercise routine assistance. When working with an exercise specialist, masks are required if closer than 6 feet. To schedule an appointment, please click here or call our Fitness Supervisor at 440-816-4222.

Group Exercise Class
Group Exercise Class
Group Exercise Class
Group Exercise Class


LifeWorks Personal Training

LifeWorks includes three (3) training methods: One-on-One Sessions, Small Group Training or Team Training. All sessions provide quality workouts for each level of training. It's about getting stronger in a safe effective way that will enhance our lives.

Our Team and Small Group Training we utilize a researched based training system with a focus on full body training. This system is for all ages and just about all fitness levels. Training the entire body as a whole is superior to breaking down the body into separate parts so participants benefit from a more effective workout. 

All clients to receive a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) prior to training.  This screening is to assess quality of movement.  Based on quality of movement, the client will be placed into the appropriate level of training for his/her individual needs and goals. The only way to truly build good fitness is to have a solid foundation. Click Here for Details or contact us for today to get started.


I have come to realize that very little in life is more important than good health. Lifeworks provides very high value to me since it strongly supports my desire to maintain agility and strength in my veteran years."


A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Thank you lifeworks for continuing to challenge me daily and help me maintain that "healthy lifestyle."


A "healthy lifestyle" to me means maintaining a strong physical and mental body. It allows me to be able to hike in high elevations, in Arizona and New Mexico without any restrictions. LifeWorks enables me to keep physically and mentally fit.


LifeWorks Fitness Specialists