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Balanced Habits Kick Start

Are you ready to finally take control?

LifeWorks is proud to provide a nutritional program that is educational, works and uses real food, Balanced Habits. They are a leading food coaching program for people who want to live a happier, healthier and more confident life.  This 28-day program is personalized and tailored to you by offering nutritional support, exercise recommendations, and the accountability to keep you on track. By reactivating the metabolism, many of the clients lose 12-24 pounds/5-15% of their body weight during the program. You will LEARN how to adapt this lifestyle so that EVEN AFTER the KICK START is complete, you can stay successful. 

How does this work?

  • Initial assessment, weekly weigh ins, final assessment

  • Personalized meal plan with weekly menus, recipes - real food

  • A food coach to provide support, guidance and accountability

  • Education to stay on track after the KICK START is complete

  • Access to BH app and much more

For complete details, contact Becky at 440-816-4207 or EMAIL.

    Testimonial from our LifeWorks Director:
    LifeWorks has been waiting a long time for a program that we are confident to bring to our members and community, and we found it. If I didn’t go through this program myself, I wouldn’t believe it. Is it easy? Not really. Does it work? Absolutely. Can your metabolism change even after 50? Certainly. 
    – K. Raisch-Siegel

    REAL Results, using REAL Food, for your REAL Lifestyles.