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Pilates Reformer

Improve Your Balance and Flexibility. Increase Your Strength. Enhance Your Core.
The Reformer is a sliding, bed-like platform anchored at one end of its frame with resistance springs.  The platform moves along a track by either pulling on ropes or pushing off from a stationary bar.  The challenge of doing exercises on the Reformer comes from the resistance springs and in more advanced exercises the challenge is maintaining balance on a moving surface.  

Reformer classes are taught in a small group setting of six participants. The small size of classes and the expertise of our certified instructors creates a personalized workout with maximum benefits of core strength, flexibility and balance. The majority of LifeWorks’ classes are intermediate.  LifeWorks offers beginner classes for new people or for those who just want to master the basic reformer movements. Depending on the participant’s level, a beginner may only need to attend one or two beginner classes before they are ready to move to an intermediate class level. The advanced classes are for those who have had reformer training.

Instructors will give modification so beginners and experienced participants can train together. It is strongly recommended that all beginners attend an introductory class are participate in private or duet sessions.

Introduction to Reformer Class

Intro classes are designed to both educate you on the reformer and to use the reformer. Join a LifeWorks Pilates Instructor to experience this wonderful workout. Contact us for the next class at Pilates Specialist or 440-816-4223 for more information. Class Schedule and Pricing.

Pilates Reformer