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Free Fitness Coaching and Health Assessments

Person iconFitness Coordinator
Email: Katy Momirovic
Call: 440-816-4222

LifeWorks provides free fitness coaching and health assessments to help our members succeed. Staffed by fitness professionals who hold a 4-year degree plus national certifications to guide and assist members throughout their journey at LifeWorks.

These coaching appointments are FREE. They include health and fitness assessments. Depending on the member's fitness level, the assessments are used to determine their fitness readiness, physical well-being, flexibility and mobility as well as any areas of concern. Our team will work with those who have limitations including joint mobility, balance, chronic diseases and more. Appointments comprise of education on the equipment and facilities, designing a fitness plan, group exercise class suggestions and even a pool exercise plan. To learn more please contact our fitness coordinator.

Person iconAquatics Supvervisor
Email: Katy Momirovic   |  Call: 440-816-4222

Personal Trainer Brian showing Wilma the treadmill settings

Blaine and Mallory team training

Meet Our Personal Trainers


KATY Momirovic

Fitness Coordinator
Personal Trainer


Brian Biggs

Fitness Specialist
Personal Trainer



Fitness Specialist
Personal Trainer


Blaine Spanulo

Fitness Specialist
Personal Trainer


Jamie Anderson

Personal Trainer
Group Exercise


Karin Cottman

Personal Trainer


Mallory Diebel

Senior Coordinator
Personal Trainer

A "healthy lifestyle" to me means maintaining a strong physical and mental body. It allows me to be able to hike in high elevations, in Arizona and New Mexico without any restrictions. LifeWorks enables me to keep physically and mentally fit. - Richard

Get Assessed. Get Coached. Get fit!